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Transporting goods from one place to another is surely a task and especially if the goods are perishable goods such as eatables. To keep them safe, one needs to have a storage box that is strong enough to protect them, but also such that they do not spoil on the way. One of the ways for storing and transporting perishable goods is wooden crates. If you want wooden crates for storage purposes at your home or office or if you need them for transportation, then all you need to do is place an order at Reclaim & Timber Co. They have been producing and delivering wooden crates to customers all over the cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne since the year 1974. With industry experience of over four decades, and an attitude of “we’ll do it all”, they have become a customer’s favorite when it comes to storage. This is because they make customized wooden crates, just the way customers want it to be, as nothing is more important for them than customer’s satisfaction for their product and service. So if you want crates made out of wood, then place your order today.

Beginning of Reclaim & Timber Co.

Reclaim & Timber Co. was established by Rob De Graaf and like most businesses; this too was owned by the family. They hold specialty in making various types of storage and packaging solutions made out of wood such as crates, boxes, custom pallets etc. In the beginning they only used to make products out of old plywood, but with the passage of time, as their customer base grew, so did their production. Today they have production units in three different cities across Australia, namely: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And the material they now use includes all kinds of wood, as their customers are not only businesses that require storage crates for transportation of perishable items, but also for glass, steel and numerous other products.

Their customer service is personalized

Being a business themselves, they fully understand the need for other business to look different and appealing to customers. For this they offer special consultation for design of your storage boxes and crates. Along with aesthetics on point, it is equally important that the goods kept inside are also safe. The team at Reclaim & Timber Co. is also well aware regarding the protection of your goods before they reach a customer which is why the wood they use is of high quality. A look at the wooden crates made by Reclaim & Timber Co. and one surely realizes how meticulously they have worked on each and every product.  So if you require wooden crates, then hurry up and place your orders, no matter whether you need a single crate or hundreds of them, they will make the perfect crates for you.  For further details, regarding any query that you have or in case you want to place an order, contact them at the following number:  1300 359 799!