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Everyone in his world is alive for a specif time and age. No one is alive for the whole life, everyone has a fixed date on which upon they have to return back to the god. That is not fixed but can occur anytime anywhere. But there are some people whose deaths and merely predicted. Those who are undergoing a life-risking operation, someone who is a last stage cancer patient or anyone who is predicted to have a death anytime soon, therefore, the people who know them are sort of mentally prepared for it to happen. It’s not ore like a sudden death that was not accepted and nobody was prepared for it. For such sudden death, funeral directors in Geelong are to be hired to get all the work done within the time and within professionals guidelines.

What basically is a funeral?

A funeral is an event that is kept by the people who were close to the person who died. They give out an event inviting or for every that person who knew hi or was friends with him or her, relatives and even people who spent a little time but wanted to be a part of the reliable funerals. It is a gesture when everyone gathered around the body and they let their sorrow ou, they cry and they share all the memories with the person this helps them let their heart out and makes the situation easy for them.

After how long does the funeral take place?

This date or timing is not really fixed but people all around the world have their own beliefs based on their religion. Some say that they want to do the funerals in a week or more than that since they are busy figuring and investigating about the body and some people according  to  their religious beliefs  say that they want to bury the body and make sure the  funeral takes place as soon as possible since their religions command such  so and they prioritize it more  than anything  this  world

How long can a body stay before the funeral?

As far s the researchers are covered since the body is no more alive, the blood is not circulating, therefore, ts skin will start to rot and the body will start producing a foul smell that is unbearable. Even then if you want the body to wait until its funeral you must contact the icebox where the body is being kept in order to persist from rotting. The researchers said that the body can not be rot for 4 to 5 days maximum, after this it will start to rot therefore, it’s better to buy the body and perform funeral before such days.